Understanding Disruptive Innovation

Understanding Disruptive Innovation

For a better understanding of disruptive innovation it important to recognize that it is a theory. There are several characteristics of disruptions involving sustaining, low end, and new market innovation. Some of these features are value, cost, and performance. Low-end disruption takes place when a small company offers products with less performance, but for a better price, and they gain the opportunity to dominate the market. Disruptive innovation transforms a product or service that is beneficial, targeting a new market. A sustaining innovation improves a product or service targeting an existing market. Nintendo was one example of a disruption when it came out with the Wii. Nintendo was in competition with Sony and X-box, two gaming consoles with superior graphics. Nintendo innovated in a different way with their interactive game controllers; they targeted a new market and changed the performance of gaming consoles.

Disruptive innovation in education is used to help transform the way we educate children. Online learning is one example of this type of transformation in education. Online learning offers collaboration, individualization and the classes are accessible from any location.


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