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My experience with Web Design began with Adobe Dreamweaver. I then went on to purchase a video tutorial call Flash 8 Websites. I then build my first Flash website from the ground up for Flanagan Shipping. I build my first website with a Flash template purchased from EntheosWeb. My next project was a website for Angels For Autism in Southeast Texas. I used a flash template for the site and customized it.
WordPress has been the most exciting web application for me since Flash CS5. Web Design has come a long way since then.
Click on Visit Website to view my new ThinkUpThemes Website under construction How to Install a ThinkUpTheme There are 3 steps for the proper installation of ThinkUpThemes. 1. Download and install the theme. 2. Download and install the Page Builder install the page builder on the plugin page. 3. Go to the dashboard to install the demo content. If you have slow internet you may see code at first when viewing a page, please wait for the page to load and the page builder rows will appear. It is best at first to set the demo content to draft instead of published in case you need it for reference. It is also a good idea to make a back up of your home page before you modify it. Eventually you may need to delete the demo categories that you are not using in order for you drop down categories to work properly.

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