Innovation Outline: A Blended Environment For Credit Recovery and Remediation

A Blended Environment For Credit Recovery and Remediation

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The following outline will support my disruptive innovation plan of using online learning for credit recovery and remediation. As new technologies are emerging, the number of school districts using blended and online learning for credit recovery and expanding course offerings is on the rise. To meet the needs of a large number of students in our district requiring a significant number of credits or remediation, I am proposing a new strategy by introducing Apex learning into a blended environment. Please view my video presentation  and my literature review supporting the plan:    

     A New Approach     

    Effective Blended Learning : A Literature Review

Meeting with the Instructional Technologist: 
First I plan a meeting with the Instructional Technologist to set up an agenda and identify our goals
-We will Examine Apex Learning; we will consider several factors to plan our program for Blended Learning
-We will consider our program type, which is focused on Tutorials. Teachers will use Apex Learning
Tutorials as a component of blended lessons during summer school and the regular school year.

         -Enhancing original instruction
         -Providing remediation or targeted test prep

-We will review the Comprehensive Course options for the diverse needs of our students:

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        -Original Credit
        -Credit Recovery
        -Alternative Learning Environments


-We will consider limitations during the summer and the facilities available
-We will consider scheduling
-Plan for Curriculum and Technology to attend a Professional Development session at Region 5 on Blended Learning
-Make plans to arrange meetings with Curriculum per marking period to evaluate the progress on Apex, and measure improvements per blended learning models.


Meeting with the Curriculum Department
The Instructional Technologist and I will meet with the Curriculum Department providing them with an introduction to Apex as part of the Blended Learning innovation for the District. The curriculum decisions will be made with careful consideration for meeting the needs of students and teachers. We will reiterate the most effective digital curriculum engages learners with active experiences and provides teachers with formative feedback.

-While we are planning Blended Learning we will review the two other models available Virtual Learning and Independent Study
- We will review the best practices for Blended Learning Teachers

  •  Embrace the Role of the Blended Learning Teacher
  • Provide teacher-led direct instruction
  • Use data to monitor access, progress, and student performance
  • Consider ongoing opportunities for Professional Development for the best
  • Give students scheduling options for summer school
  • Require students to complete one course at a time during summer school
  • Create a plan for Leadership Teams
  • Plan for a teachers or Leadership Teams to arrange a student orientation establishing clear expectations for the program.
  • Discuss expectations, procedures and policies.

Teachers Professional Development
Successful implementations of curriculum programs include providing ongoing support for teachers.

 -After Curriculum and Technology coordinate out best selections we will schedule 3 consecutive dates for Professional Development to introduce:
-The Blended Learning innovation plan and the four models for Blended Learning: Rotation, Flex, A La Carte, and Enriched Virtual.
-Introduce the Apex software and the planning involved for successfully utilizing Apex in a Blended Learning environment.
-Professional development on setting up and configuring Apex software

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  1. Reply Courtney Cordova


    Thank you for sharing your outline. You did a great job being specific and keeping it simple. I appreciate that you organized every step and really went over the Apex software’s purpose. I think the curriculum department meeting is vital and I probably need to go back and revise my plan to include this. You may want to add evaluation throughout the school year to see how the program is working for the students. Great job…your ePortfolio is above and beyond anything I’ve done. You seem to understand it well. Thanks for the great example!

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