ePortfolio Thoughts

ePortfolio Thoughts

While building and molding a website is time consuming, I find the end result is so exciting. Putting together the frame for an ePortfolio is time consuming and the same is true for the frame of the website itself. It is wonderful that we will have to time to focus and experiment with tools necessary to bring our website to life. WordPress is so wonderful, it is different then the old fashion way of designing sites with Dreamweaver. I am glad I know CSS which helps to manipulate the code to make changes to colors or alignment, it's always nice when there is panel to make these changes too. It has all been a great learning experience, I ran into a few bumps along the way, again a learning experience. Upon reviewing the page "What is an ePortfolio" it help me to consider what makes the connections so meaningful. An ePortfolio is allowing someone to see a perspective that was built upon learning. It's like showing others a map with roads they did not know existed and these roads are what lead to success. The experience that led up to what will be my organization of resources or evidence of learning is what I consider my road to success in the past goals I have achieved. At the same time I will continue to learn and grow as I research more tools or resources and share my perspective. I believe that an ePortfolio can be all three a presentation, evidence of learning, and feedback. The evidence of learning and feedback together promote or provide the meaningful connections.

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  1. Reply Malika

    Great perspective Gina! As I am starting this journey, I am really putting serious thought into the Why. Why an ePortfolio? Who do I want it to reach…and what do I want it to teach? Just as there are no two fingerprints alike, there are no two ePortfolios alike. We each have a uniqueness that defines our purpose and the ePortfolio is the contributions we make to that purpose. When we allow others to create or define our world and capability, they will always create it too small. So I appreciate this class allowing ample self-reflection, accountability and ownership of the story we shall tell in our ePortfolio.

    I have already watched Simon Sinek video twice because he passionately explains the principle behind a successful leader is understanding the why.

    I would like to pose the question, How did you go about defining your Why? If you could do it all over again, would your Why change?


  2. Reply Gina_Flanagan

    I think I would want my ePortfolio to target all learners. My ePortfolio will teach my problem solving skills along with the tools for appropriately integrating technology. My ePortfolio will also include information on Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship and why it is important. My ePortfolio will be unique as I was a Technology Teacher and now I am programmer and analyst. My life is surrounded with technology!!! I will share my problem solving skillset which involves my expert search techniques online to help code difficult tasks. I do not think my why would change as I have a passion for sharing my knowledge on creating dynamic projects. It’s great to have you in the program!!! I think you will enjoy it.

  3. Reply Malika

    You are definitely in the right place, having such a comprehensive technology background. With the vast amount of digital technologies emerging daily, we are not in a race to use them all, but to use the right ones to problem solve! You have the right skill and passion! Thanks for sharing.

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