Changing The Way We Learn


A Blended Environment For Credit Recovery and Remediation

Blended Learning is a transformative education program where a student can receive personalized learning part online with some element of control. (Christensen,vHorn &Staker 2015). Blended Learning provides students the ability to progress through select various  modules at their own pace and mastery of content. As educators are determined to improve effect learning, traditional pedagogies will need to change, redefining the role of the teacher. As a student in the M.Ed. Digital Leading and Learning class at LamarUniversity I have been given the opportunity to introduce an eLearning project for disruptive innovation in education for my organizationDisruptive innovation in education is used to help transform the way we educate children. As a former Educator I have insight on the importance of effectively meeting our children’s needs. The recommendation for my school district will be to implement blended learning for students who have not successfully earned required course credits are provided the opportunity to get back on schedule for graduation with Apex Learning. In blended learning there is a wide range of products and programs to choose from and as a district we have research both products and programs. Apex Learning’s new groundbreaking tutorials will be utilized as a module of the plan. The idea is to redesign the traditional classroom for learning with the Flex and A La Cart model.  The Flex model allows students move on an individualized customized fluid schedule among learning modalities.  Students’ progress based on demonstrated mastery and customized learning by interest, modality, motivation and schedule.   We will begin with summer school using the Flex model; this model allows students to move at their own pace Learning, A. (2016).   The Flex and A La Cart model will target students in our district who need credit recovery options and personalized learning in all subjects. Teachers can use the tutorials to offer remediation and to supplement the content that has already been taught in their classes. During the regular school year the students will continue using these models in the classroom where the primary delivery of content and instruction is online. Students will participate off-site in place of traditional homework and then attend the brick-and-mortar school (Christensen, Horn, & Staker 2015). This plan will allow the students in our district to experience learning by doing, utilizing video, audio, text, virtual labs, and other digital resources.Blended learning is a very effective way of transferring knowledge it holds great promise for the future. Blended Learning is here to stay. The true potential of blended learning is to enable personalized, active and successful learning for all students.

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