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Creating Synergy

In order to be effective in a crucial conversation, dialog will play a substantial role.  The power of dialog is often overlooked. At the core of every successful conversation is the free flow of relevant information. For an organizational change, when others are not involved they are rarely committed to the final decision. So while I would like share my feelings, experience and theories behind blended learning, I must do my best to make it safe for everyone to also add their meaning to a shared pool of information. This will help my innovation efforts, and individuals will be exposed to more accurate and relevant information. They will make better choices. Gradually everyone will understand why blended learning is essential.

How can I get my audience to stay focused on my desired results? Wizardry would be nice, but I will have to  start with the heart and stay focused. Skilled people start with the heart; they begin high-risk discussions with the right motives and stay focused no matter what(Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler, 2002).   As I will be facing differing opinions, it will require some work and I will have reach deep down in my heart and share my passion behind my initiative and put the focus on my desired results. Fortuitously in my class we have studied and defined our “why” which is the key vision or purpose behind our change proposal.

Crucial Conversations recommends telling or mastering your story.  I will share the facts and provided information from case studies to support my understanding and recommendation.

How can I speak persuasively not abrasively?  State your path:

Share your facts-Tell your story-Ask for other’s paths-Talk tentatively-Encourage testing.

Now it is time to move to action -Crucial Conversations places emphasis on a crystal clear deliverable and who does what by when, similar to 4Dx.  My team will bring the organizational change process together and Crucial Conversations will now be part of my strategy plan in its entirety including, connecting-at-the-heart-for-change.


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