Connecting at the Heart for Change

Connecting at the Heart for Change



We believe in a new approach to ensure all students have access to high-quality educational opportunities. 

We believe in equity and empowering students “to learn how to think” with more time to work at their own pace and personalize learning. 

Performance will increase for all students and gaps in achievement will close.

 I will share my vision and the purpose behind my Blended Learning innovation to instill a desire within my organization. This new avenue in learning I am proposing will provide an entirely different approach for actually leveling educational opportunities among students. I will ask stakeholders influential questions such as why do students need balance or leveling tools for education? The answer is that there are several students that are at risk. Work, family, or other outside demands often compete with a student’s schoolwork and can lead to a decision to drop out of school.  Online and blended programs does not only target at risk students it offers a broad range of online courses and services to reach a variety of students, from struggling to gifted, who seek personalized learning pathways. It will provide all learners an opportunity for their optimal success.

Blended Learning works by inventing or adopting new learning environments that perform better for students and teachers and this will improve student outcomes.  Blended learning involves a shift to an online environment for a portion of the student day which will boost learning and productivity.  It means giving students more control over the pace, path, time and place of their learning.

I will use the why, what and how to create a sense of urgency for my stakeholders as they will feel compelled to give students the new chances that did not exist before with access to a quality education empowering students with a way “to learn how to think” through modalities by offering valuable online and blended learning programs,  giving educators the flexibility to meet the needs of all students as the models for the blended learning classroom evolve.  Students will learn that success is now possible for them, that it does exist.



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