A Path to Success with an ePortfolio

The Path to Success with an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio is a vision and it demonstrates how you may have found your path to success with any endeavors, a perfect reason to create and share an ePortfolio. My experience with programming has led to excellent search skills and I have discovered learning communities for complex coding. It is important to share this knowledge and thought process with others so they can learn from it and use the same process. An ePortfolio can help others to see your perspective of the resources you choose to share. It is exciting to know an ePortfolio can help individuals receive recognition for their individual learning skills, projects and resources. I like the ideal that my learning will always be insight through my reflection and will help me retain my knowledge. Maintaining my ePortfolio will help continue to track my progress and achievements and set new goals. ePortfolios are a growing trend we can learn and benefit from, once it is created it will be easily accessible through any digital applications.

I think modeling is a great way for educators or leaders to encourage the importance of an ePortfolio in addition to sharing those experiences during the process. While an ePortfolio is under construction for example, I believe sharing is motivational, exciting and engages those in the building process.

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