Connecting and Learning



I will continue to reflect on my strengths in technology and education through my ePortfolio along with any additional accomplishments, skills or experiences. This will include thoughts while analyzing my learning experiences. I plan for Educational Technology Trends to be a complete information source with valuable and current resources. My knowledge and contributions will be carried on and documented through blogs and resources. My plan for lasting maintenance of the site will support my professional growth, opportunities and connections.




Structure for Evidence of Learning

5302 Concepts of Educational Tech
Digital Reflection
Learning Manifesto
Digital Learning Communities

5303 Applying Educ Tech: Portfolio
The Big Picture
ePortfolio Thoughts

Why use an ePortfolio?
A Path to Success with an ePortfolio

Take Ownership of Your Learning and ePortfolio
The ePortfolio Needs to be an Individual

Learning from Leaders
Sharing ePortfolios

Connection and Communicating Your Ideas
Connecting & Learning

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